why dust kittens?

why dust kittens?

we all have dust bunnies in the corners-- things we need to clean up before company comes over. well, i have a cat, so my bunnies are more like kittens. and they're not just in the corners. they're on the stairs, under the beds, and clinging to the ceiling fan. i think i even found one or two in the refrigerator.


being brave

it's easy to encourage other people to be brave, but when it comes to being brave yourself... well, you know how that goes. it's easy to say you're going to be brave and vulnerable on a blog when things are going well and you feel good. but when it's not that way... not so easy. 

i had one of those days yesterday. i call it a deletion day. i wanted to get rid of every word i'd ever written, including my one blog post. thankfully, i got over it faster than usual and didn't hit the "delete blog" button. 

and this post was going to go somewhere insightful, but i'm finding now that it's not. (i still have that foggy brain.) i'm going to share it anyway because a post doesn't have to be insightful to earn a right to be published. 

i hope you can tell hurt and fear to get out of the way today. i'll try too. but if we can't, we'll try again tomorrow. there's no expiration date on trying.  


dust kittens, starting over, and trying to be real

i've wanted to start a new blog for a long time now, but i'm on medications for pain and they make my head foggy, so it's taken me a while to get to this post. it's easy to design a new blog when your head is foggy, but not so easy to write a blog post that makes any sense. but a lot of my posts may be rambling posts, so what the heck? why not start with this one?

i could have just started adding new content to my old blog, beautiful chaos, but since that one has been about writing for so long, my idea for a new blog just didn't fit with that. and i haven't blogged there for ages because i haven't had anything to say about writing, mostly because i haven't been writing for a long time.

i wanted to start over, and i wanted this one to be about life and trying to be real. i wanted to share my "dust kittens in the corners," so to speak. i was going to put it up at wordpress and have it look all professional, but then i thought, that's not me. i'm not snazzy or sophisticated. and this blog isn't going to be about being snazzy or sophisticated. it's just about being myself and you being yourself.

so here i am, sharing my kittens, and hoping someone will come along and join me for the wild ride.

and i can't promise that i'll post content on a regular basis, but as my brain becomes less foggy, and the ideas start to pile up in my brain, i'll do what i can. and maybe get back to writing that novel. but if i don't, that's ok too.